Modular, customisable systems

Not all businesses are the same. Our modular approach offers a vast range of options to enable your business to build systems that meet your needs. This means;

  • that you only pay for what you need when you need it
  • the systems and integrations necessary for expansion and changing markets are available when you need them
  • you can customise, adapt and integrate other systems to give your business a real competitive edge

In essence, we provide our customers with integrated solutions, tailored to suit their needs. Our customers come from a wide range of retail and wholesale companies; from baby specialists to gourmet food, from footwear outlets to audio equipment, from photographic equipment to garden centres, etc....

Whether you are a small or an established and growing SME, we will treat you as our partner and once we understand your business strategy, we will advise on the best possible solution to meet your needs and budgets.

Our approach

Our approach is consultative rather than sales oriented, giving us time to understand our clients businesses and work with them to find the best and most cost effective solution. Our work with smaller companies who do not have dedicated IT departments means that we can advise on the dangers of under specifying which is just as important as the problems caused by over ambitious plans for new systems. Get us involved early and you will save money and time and have a system that meets your needs, just like our existing customers.

Please visit our dedicated Cyrane Systems website to read detailed information about our solutions and services.

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